Customer Feedback

“Love at first sight”

"Hi Joanne, Pigcasso and crew!

Thanks so much for your email. I absolutely loved “Pigcasso”, the book, and have written a review on Goodreads. 😊

I lived in South Africa for most of 2010, so loved to remember that wonderful time while reading your story. You are such an inspiration with your passion and drive to help all those we share this earth with. The pictures included in the book are just wonderful. Pigs always know how to smile big for the camera! I work in a public library, so will be promoting your book wherever I can. The artistic collaboration between you and Pigcasso is so special.  

You’re a great team! Best regards from a big fan,"


"I gave up eating meat at the age of 11 (34 years ago) because of my sincere love for animals.  I realize that’s a difficult choice for most people, but I really think visiting your sanctuary would make a lot of people reconsider their dietary choices. After meeting Pigcasso, and her furry and feather friends, how could they not?!  Thank you so much for doing what you do for the animals and for creating such a loving and safe place for them to live. You’re doing God’s work by protecting them and allowing people the opportunity to visit and connect with these beautiful creatures.

Wishing you a happy and healthy new year and sending lots of love to you and the animal family!
"Ok thank you so much, Joanne.  Being at your sanctuary in July was such a wonderful experience. My husband and I were in Africa for three weeks on safari, and as fabulous as that was, visiting your sanctuary was a highlight of the trip for me."


"Nice to meet you. I am an illustrator from Japan. I am working to spread animal welfare in Japan. Your account gives me hope. It gives me energy. Thank you for everything."


"In late May, our arts-focused, animal-protection organization had a launch event featuring a live-streamed conversation with such illustrious guests as Annie Potts, Marc Bekoff, Jeff Sebo, Dana Ellyn, Steve Jenkins and Esther the Wonder Pig, and Claudia Hirtenfelder, as well as the film premiere of "Pigs and Pathogens: What's on Your Plate; rather, WHO's on Your Plate.  

Speaking of pigs, I am so enthralled by Pigcasso, as the rest of the known universe is, and her extraordinary story from being rescued to creating ravishing art that captivates the world over. What a brilliant and thrilling way to allow humans to see what astonishing individuals pigs are, how creative and vibrant! And traveling to various countries so Pigcasso can demonstrate her true artistry and poetic imagination. I was especially heartened to learn that you went to China, where, as you know, stunningly, dystopian new pig harvesting practices are taking place. But then we have Pigcasso dazzling onlookers with her abstract expressionism, and I can only imagine how many minds were changed about eating pigs!

In September, we did an Instagram post called "Great Art Knows No Species" and took an excerpt from one of your many fabulous videos and placed it side by side with Picasso from “The Mystery of Picasso." As far as I’m concerned, it's obvious who the more sublime artist is.

The reason I’m writing is to ask if you would be a part of the next live-streamed panel featuring animal-rights artists and another very short film. To me, more than ever, art is essential and consequential for cultural transformation. Using art to resist, to challenge as you are doing. I was listening to an expert in post-trauma, and he spoke so eloquently about collective trauma bringing large groups to the point where cultures and political systems are changed through art, poetry, prose.

It would be such an honor to have you and Pigcasso. The last panel was an hour and a half because the guests were having a great time, but we can always adjust. I am thinking about sometime during the first two weeks of November. If you are interested, and I pray that you are, would a date then work for you and Pigcasso? Please let me know.

I am so appreciative of the magnificent world of Pigcasso you created and await hearing from you soon.

Thank you so much!"

Robin Dorman

"We gave our living room a new look: new sofa, new painting on the wall. Doesn't that fit perfectly? Thank you again for your kindness! I will try to do my part so that Pigcasso and his great talent become even better known in Austria!"

Karla & Ruediger

"We were in your and Pigcasso’s exhibition in Hann Munden and we were absolutely overwhelmed by your project.  The round brushes from Pigcasso’s movements whilst painting have such a good energy that the pictures really gave us lots of joy.  

You also choose wonderful colour combinations. It's so special that a pig that was saved can give so much 'joie de vivre' by your cooperation. When w discovered the X factor on your webpage it stayed in my mind and I watched nearly every day if it is sold. So we could not go on vacation without buying it.  think this is called love on first sight.  We hope that it will not only give us lots of joy when we see every day in our flat – not only that a pig called Pigcasso can paint so wonderfully we will rethink our nutrition even more than we already do.

I hope you will conquer the world with your project, Joanne. As you conquer and brighten the world of each and every animal that luckily reaches your farm."


"Although it feels good to contribute to such a deserving and timely cause, we are equally thrilled to be about to possess a genuine Pigcasso masterpiece - we are huge fans of her work and will treasure the painting. Rest assured it will take centre stage in our home. Wishing you, your family, and Pigcasso all the very best for the future. Keep up the fantastic work!"


"I just wanted to tell you, I’ve been reading The “Book of Hope” by Jane Goodall and Douglas Abrams. I saw the piece about you and Pigcasso in the book and am going to use this information to teach my Zoology and Biology students the intelligence of animals and the impact of climate change on animals. I am ateacher at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado and love your mission."

Michelle G

"This made my day! All of it, the artist, the animal, the food, the art work, the purpose, you! I will share it with family tonight. You inspire me."


"Wouldn’t miss the book for the world and I am very curious to read it. I am also a fan of Jane Goodall. It is very nice and meaningful that she contributed to the book. People who visit here are all very excited about my Pigcasso’s, and especially when they see the videos. And what sensational conversation pieces as well!"

Patrick R.