Change Your Diet
Change the World

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself”
Leo Tolstoy

The collaborative artworks of Pigcasso and Joanne Lefson aim to drive awareness about animal agriculture and its devastating effects on farmed animals and the environment.

Most of us would say that we love animals and abhor animal cruelty, yet most of us are so disconnected from the source of our food; unwittingly supporting violence through our lifestyle choices. But market forces are simple. Every time we put meat into our shopping trolley, we are funding the egregious cruelties and slaughter, globally, of 70 billion farmed animals each year. These animals are individual, conscious beings who, like us, desire a life free from suffering and exploitation. On today's industrialised 'factory farms', there is no empathy. Farmed animals are hidden away, mutilated, tortured and treated as mere units of production for maximum economic yield. But that's not all. Animal agriculture also accelerates climate change. It drives disease, deforestation, world hunger and species extinction. It threatens our very existence.

Is it not time to align our actions with our moral convictions and ethical responsibilities in order to stop supporting the needless suffering and destruction?

By choosing a plant-based diet, we make a profound difference in so many ways. We take a stand for animals, the environment and the sustainability of the planet. We take a stand for our future.