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“Life is too short to remain unnoticed”
Salvador Dali

Pigcasso NFT's will be launched later this year.
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Please note that there are fake Pigcasso NFT platforms that are selling NFT’S. This is a scam - and just like ham, should be ignored!

Featured Collection

Original Pigcasso Digital NFT Artwork

I wave of pink rises above a tide of turquise united by a balanced sea of delicately creative strokes

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ZEN 73
Original Pigcasso Digital NFT Artwork

A perfectly balanced zen-like form meditates across the abyss inviting a sequence of calm seductive strokes

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Original Pigcasso Digital NFT Artwork

The patriotic blue and red brushstrokes eclipse to display a bold and unified balance of free, theatrical form

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The Pigcasso NFT Collection – 20% of proceeds to charity

The Pigcasso NFT Collection is a collaboration between Joanne Lefson and the world famous painting pig, Pigcasso. Each Pigcasso NFT is a one-of-one, made up of three unique and natively digital artworks: a high-definition scan, the video of Pigcasso producing the artwork, and a unique image of Pigcasso posing with the artwork. Additionally, each NFT is linked to a physical artwork held in a high security temperature-controlled facility where the NFT owner can take delivery of the physical piece at any time. 20% of the proceeds from the sale of the Pigcasso NFT’s will be donated to Farm Sanctuary SA, the animal welfare charity devoted to the protection and wellbeing of farmed animals.

The Pigcasso Community

The Pigcasso Community is made up of likeminded animal-loving individuals who care deeply about the wellbeing and fair treatment of animals, as well as those who care about beautiful limited and unique digital art. Each stoke of a Pigcasso is unique and symbolizes the freedom and life of Pigcasso, a rescue animal living in paradise. Pigcasso loves to paint and there is something so powerful about watching Pigcasso imprint each stroke on the canvas,  the fished product is even more beautiful after witnessing the creation process, enabled by owning the Pigcasso NFT.

A 5% royalty levied on all secondary sales of Pigcasso NFT’s will be donated to a community fund used for: exclusive events, games,  projects, initiatives, members clubs, and special offers for Pigcasso NFT holders only. The community fund aims to create the most dynamic, exclusive and impactful community.


What is the story of Pigcasso?
Pigcasso was rescued from an industrialized factory farm by Joanne Lefson in 2016 when she was one month old. She was taken to Farm Sanctuary SA in Franschhoek, South Africa. Instead of being turned into a bacon bit at 6 months of age – her inevitable fate had she not been rescued, she turned into the biggest artist in the world – literally – selling her artworks around the globe.

How did she start to paint?
When Pigcasso arrived at the sanctuary, Lefson wanted to keep her entertained in her stall. She threw in some soccer and tennis balls – along with some old paint brushes that were left by the builders of the recently completed barn. Pigcasso ate or destroyed everything given to her - except these brushes. Lefson decided to nurture the possible interest - and with some positive reinforcement, it didn’t take long before Pigcasso was wilfully walking towards a canvas, picking up her custom-made brush, and dancing it across a canvas. The rest is history!

Does Pigcasso like to paint
Pigcasso owns the show. She paints when she wants, and also decides for how long she wishes to paint. She loves her life at the sanctuary and she is treated with empathy and compassion, the cornerstone of this unique and purposeful initiative.

Is each Pigcasso NFT unique?
Yes, each NFT is made up of 4 unique items. The scan, the video of Pigcasso making the art, a picture of Pigcasso with the art, and the rights to have the physical piece delivered to you.

Who creates the art?
walks up to the canvas, picks up the paintbrush with her mouth and paints across the canvas. Joanne Lefson watches fromafar, able to stop Pigcasso if she paints something interesting or visually unique. When the artwork is complete, Pigcasso dips her nose into ink and signs the artwork with her nose-tip. This is the red or black smudge you can see on the bottom right of every original Pigcasso!  

How many NFT's are there?
There will only ever be 2499 Pigcasso NFT’s created. The Pigcasso NFT Collection will be made up of 2200 NFT’s released in drops of 100 each.

Are Pigcasso NFT's rare?
YES! There is only one painting pig in the world, and Pigcasso is also the first animal to do an NFT! Pigcasso only paints when and if she feels like it. At 6 years of age, we also don’t know for how long the divine swine will be painting. In addition, Pigcasso is never forced to paint, this means that producing these NFT’s is incredibly difficult, time consuming and never guaranteed.

Does Pigcasso enjoy painting?
Yes, Pigcasso took to painting all by herself, and only ever paints when she is in the mood to. If you watch videos of her painting, it is clear that she just loves it!

What type of paint do you use?
The paints used for Pigcasso’s artworks are child friendly and vegan. If they were any more natural, she’d eat them all up!

How much does a Pigcasso sell for?
In the fall on 2021, Pigcasso made history when one of her artworks’ WILD & FREE’ sold for 20 000 GPB. This the highest price ever commanded for a non-human artwork which had been held by a chimpanzee called Congo who sold three artworks for a total sum of 14 000 GBP in 2005. Pigcasso is also the first non-human artist to have hosted her own exhibitions in Cape Town (South Africa), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Mallorca (Spain).

Do the proceeds go to charity?
20% of all proceeds from the sale of the NFT go to Farm Sanctuary SA, the registered NPO where Pigcasso resides in Franschhoek, South Africa. The organization uses the funds to rescue and rehabilitate farmed animals from industrialized farming practices. The mission of the organization is to awaken and inspire a kinder, more sustainable world for all.

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